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Parker Surround
in Stoke Ground

The gallery below shows a selection of fire surrounds from our portfolio.

We can offer you traditional styles such as Bolection, Tudor, Regency or French, or if you are looking for a more contemporary design, we can work with you to produce a piece that is unique to you and your house.

For closer detail please visit carving detail. For more information about us and our work please read our company profile or contact us.


Alexander Surround
in Doulting Stone


Roden Surround
in Portland Stone


Walker Surround
in Portland Stone


Whatley Surround
in Bath Stone


Glenap Surround
in Portland Stone


Catlin Anderton Surround
in Tetbury White Bed Stone


Carslaw Surround
in Stoke Ground

McFadden Surround
in Hopton Wood Stone
(Derbyshire Limestone)


Ginger Surround
in Tetbury Orange Bed Stone


Travers Surround
in Bath Stone


Tudor style with oakleaf carving in spandrils in Stoke Ground Stone


Bolection style
in Bath Stone (Monks Park)


Boletion style in Bath stone


Bolection syle in Bath Stone


Tudor style
in Bath Stone


Tudor Style (Arch)
in Bath Stone


Normandy Surround
in Bath Stone


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